Our Staff

Meet our wonderful team of teachers and learn what they love most about working with our BNS students:
Julie Madden

Program Director

"I love being witness to the amazing changes that occur in each of our tiny students during their 2 or 3 years 

with us.  I love the opportunity to get to know young families that our small school setting affords us.  I love the 

way 2 through 5-year–olds tell it like it is and the super cute language they use when doing so."

Katie Moore

Teacher- Sky and Rainbow Class

"I love teaching this age group because every day brings a smile to my face. The children are full of questions and excitement for learning."

Sue Marier

Teacher Assistant - Star 3's

"I love teaching this age group because the children make everyday fun and never the same.  I love that they 

always say what's on their mind and keep me on my toes.  I'm constantly reminded how truly intelligent they 

are for being so young."

Alison Davis

Teacher Assistant- 

"I love how excited the children are to learn and play at this age.  They are just starting to grow into their little personalities and it’s so much fun to watch their expressions and hear what they have to say."

Jenny Stevens

Teacher Assistant- Sky, Rainbow

& Star Classes

"Besides these kids being so cute, they are naturally sweet and want to be friends with one another and their teachers. They come into the classroom ready for an adventure and it is our job to supply them with one. The joy that you see on their faces when they are proud of themselves is contagious."

Teresa Piedmonte

Teacher Assistant - Sunshine & Moonbeam Class

"What I love about teaching this age group is their enthusiasm for learning and their excitement when they have accomplished something such as writing their name. I love their smiles when they come in and the things they say and their creative little minds when they have play and learn time. This is a very rewarding job!"

Carrie Bartkowiak

Teacher- Sunshine Class 

"I love that the children are learning the most when they don’t realize it, playing and exploring!

I love that they are growing, asking questions and curious about what you (teacher) have to say; not 

worrying what others might think."

Bethany Denniston

Teacher- Star Class 

"What I love "


Teacher - Moonbeam Class

Teacher Assistant- Sunshine Class

“What I love about teaching this age group is that I get to see the world through the eyes of a child again.  Seeing their smiling faces come into the room each day and listening to what they have to say allows me to forget about what’s going on in the world outside of the classroom and focus solely on them.  They are so eager to learn new things and get so excited when they accomplish even the smallest task.  It’s amazing and rewarding to be able to watch them grow so much from September to June.”